It's ok to have hope

It is ok to have hope. This week’s theme is expanding possibilities.
Jupiter is in the heart of sun today and tomorrow. Mercury will join the meeting at Sun's center tomorrow, Nov 27th. He will be quietly taking notes at this momentous meeting since he is still retrograde and thus still checking off items on that old to-do list.

Jupiter is so big and so inspiring that you may either feel like jumping on it now, now, now! or so overwhelmed and disbelieving that you end up hiding and missing the opportunity. I recommend a balance between those two urges. It is like winning the lottery, make no changes now, but start inwardly metamorphosing in order to handle a future of expanded possibilities.

Give yourself some time and space to consider the magnitude of what is being presented.
If you have a significant planet at 4 or 5 degrees Sagittarius, Leo or Aries, you yourself might want to take some notes for later considerations.

Remember all discouragement is old, let the past go and have a new day! It is OK to be OK. Share your hope, make some goals, have a little faith, share that faith, your neighbor will add to it. Before you know it, you'll have a positive movement.