Spring's sweetness: New Moon in Spring

Here in Vermont, snow is still covering most of the ground, but the exuberance of Spring's leaping is measured in buckets and lines. As sap flows, buckets have appeared on stands of trees around town. In the forests, sugar lines connect taps and run down hill to a collection tank.

I ask my friend, Will who has many years of sugaring experience to show me this process. The large sugar maple tree towering over his house he calls a four-bucket tree, but we only put in one tap. Once we do, sap immediately begins to flow from the tree. There is a steady plunk, plunk, plunk, plunk as sap drips into the bucket. Spring is a surge of sweet exuberance. In an hour the bottom of the steel bucket is covered with a silvery, ever so slightly sweet water.

4-horned Sheep.jpg

In the northern hemisphere, Aries and Spring are concurrent. Traditionally, this new energy is symbolized by the ram's explosive head, but to me, spring’s energy is more like the bold assertions of a tender crocus pushing up through the snow in the garden. The courage of a sensitive beauty shows more brave audacity than a dual between horned animals.


This is the year is of feminine bold persistence.


Spring is the start of the Astrology calendar. We look to this spring chart to calculate the tenor of our upcoming year. Venus is that bold and beautiful flower asserting herself persistently in Aries. Venus represents the divine feminine and Mother Nature. She operates at a slightly higher frequency than earth frequency, bringing us gently to a higher awareness. Mars is in the natural home of Venus, Taurus. Venus is in Mar’s sign, and Mars is in Venus’s.  When planets are in each other's sign, we call this a mutual reception, and in the spring chart it portends a fecund vibrancy for the year.

Mother Nature brings us fresh green tendrils, romping fawns and exuberant spring birds, but let us not forget that the full force Mother Nature can be awesome.  A series of storms are on the horizon: Uranus widely squares Pluto, as first the Moon, and then the Sun, and finally in June Venus conjuncts Uranus. Mother Nature has some news for us and I suggest we pay attention and honor the essence of all creation and divine feminine. Humans are in a subordinate role to nature, that remains fact, but this role does not erase our power from the dynamic of the relationship. I bet that some climate change realities will present themselves for our response in the first quarter of the year. We do have a choice in this dynamic, but it requires the focus of intention and activation of drive to be ignited at the same level that we might ignite a nuclear armageddon, except instead of destruction we must ignite an intense single-minded love and unification with our planet.


In our world Genesis happens periodically, creation is possible now.


Rather than wistfully yearning for dream fulfillment, I recommend that we become the hairy legged Satyr, Pan. Play his lute and lure your deeply-buried desires, like blushing maidens drawn to the revelry, to whisper a word into the pool of creation. Quiet your misgivings by telling them that the only thing required is a tiny little word, but of course we know as does Pan, that the big bang itself only started with a word.


If this big bang is available to us personally, what word would you whisper to creation?


In the beginning there was the word.

Or maybe the universe started with a big bang.

Maybe the word and the bang were the same.

Maybe it wasn't even a big word, maybe a little word like “plunk”.

Maybe the big bang doesn't just happen once but over and over again.