Science and Spirituality: Touching Mystery

New Moon and Eclipse

The new moon at 8° Pisces spurs a full bodied drive for transcendence-- as an evolutionary crisis approaches. The powerful eclipse on February 26 invites solutions.  Pisces and Virgo team up to teach two lessons:  first that well-ordered thought, organized information, and reputable sources will benefit our evolution and second, that abundance is made possible by human cooperation, not division!


Explore the Pisces-Virgo Axis: A Spiritual-Science Axis

One way of understanding the axis between Pisces and Virgo is to consider science and spirituality. Both can be a pursuit of the deepest human longings for connection and reverence. However, spirituality is at its core a feeling and experience of transcendence while science is, at its core, a system of knowledge based on certainty. This Sunday, Neptune and Mercury will be flanking the Moon and Sun in Pisces, adding weight to the feelings side of the equation and leaving the Virgo side of the axis standing starkly naked and empty. At first glance this might seem out of balance but consider two factors: first that an empty place in a chart can mean a directness and lack of obstruction in the focus area and second, that Pisces and Virgo are not necessarily adversaries. Just as science and spirituality come from different perspectives but act cooperatively to help us understand the mystery of our universe, similarly Pisces and Virgo perceptions are different modes of addressing phenomenon but work together to expand our awareness.


Pisces, That Spiritual Feeling

Alex Grey

Alex Grey

Pisces represents Spirituality. When we have a spiritual experience we feel or encounter our existence within the larger integrated whole. Spirituality seeks a connection and personal meaning from a realm that is beyond the known or observable. Pisces represents that spiritual energy and its associated creative imagination, dreams, intuition, feelings, and visionary genius. Neptune, which is at home in the sign of Pisces for the next decade, holds open a very large door for easy access to intuitive energy. Neptune is giving us the VIP pass for easy access to the spiritual realm right now. In fact, we are card-carrying members of the mysterious universe in our own right! Spiritual energy is especially on our side now.  If you have personal planets in Pisces, you may find lately that you have a greater than usual ability to derive solutions from your dreams. Symbols presented within dreams are useful once you capture them and apply critical thought, but you have to wake up in the night and write down them down!  Good news! For the next few weeks Mercury, which rules Virgo, is in Pisces - think of him as your personal stenographer keeping notes on a dream journey. 


Virgo, a Superhero of Science.

On the other side of the axis, Virgo supports ordered thought. Virgo takes information and makes it accessible and useful through systematic indexing and maintenance. The librarian might not seem all that sexy, but without well-ordered thoughts, equations and experiments, science would be just speculation and opinion. Science is a cooperative process for constructing shared models of reality that can be tested. And it is the perfecting nature of Virgo that hones information into a useful body of knowledge.  Thank goodness we have Virgo to help us sort through the particulars!  Virgo is traditionally the sign of the harvest and as such, contains an implicit promise of abundance. Think of science as the harvest of humanity’s shared legacy and a source of useful abundance to all of us.


Religion and Saturn in Sagittarius

Sometimes religion is confused for spirituality, but they are not the same thing. While religion can prescribe rites and practices that may lead to a better spiritual experience, religion itself is about rules. Sagittarius is the ruler of religion and law. And Saturn in Sagittarius presents the authoritarian nature of dogmatic beliefs. Think politics and fundamentalism! Both are characterized by excessive loyalty to a set of beliefs and can create an “us against them” worldview. While science and spirituality can create a feeling of awe and oneness, politics can drive us into our separate camps. The key to breaking out of our respective echo chambers is also delivered by the sign of Sagittarius: exploration! Become curious about cultures beyond your own. America holds a wide diversity of cultural heritage; find a way to push your own boundaries.


Symbol for the Degree of the North Node: 4 Virgo

The north and south nodes of the moon are calculated points that predict eclipse points. When reading an astrology chart, the south node represents skills and strengths, and the north node defines the goals of the present growth and maturity cycle. Virgo is on the north side of this balance for us until May 10, and until then it asks us to grow our practical discernment. Sunday's north node in Virgo has no interference from the complexities of other planets, its message is already clear and made even blunter by the Sabian degree. (A Sabian symbol provides meaning for each degree in the zodiac through an image.) The image for the north node degree on eclipse day at 4° Virgo is: “black and white children playing together.” Messages collude to emphatically drive home the point that our growth direction is to overcome socio-cultural prejudices. Remember, science is a shared global endeavor that cuts across race, religion, nationality and gender in pursuit of fact-based knowledge. Science and brotherhood are paramount to our evolution.

G. Myasoyedov. "Harvesting." 1887

G. Myasoyedov. "Harvesting." 1887


Mars Conjunct Uranus

The path of the visible eclipse is far south in the Southern Hemisphere. In fact, the heads of Easter Island will be gazing up into a darkening sun on February 26. These giant stone heads stand on an island once exterminated of life, carved by a people who exceeded the limits of their island environment. Theory has it that these heads represented social status and were built by the wealthy to secure their positions. Now, these remnants of a lost culture serve as a dire warning that social status can not save us from utter environmental destruction.  Just as the sky provides solutions, so too does it provide a warning. As Mars exactly conjuncts Uranus, this headstrong warrior is further emboldened to blow things up. Be careful! This is more than just a test, this is an explosive situation. Beware of the blind pursuit of social status. It doesn't provide a solution to the issues now presented.  Rules, laws, and diplomacy have been stressed under the Uranus-Jupiter opposition, and now the new moon and Mars provide a triggering event. Wake up! Pursue rapid evolution and assert yourself boldly, but be careful to heed the signs and understand the significance of a population out of balance with its environment. Use the natural humility of spiritual awareness and the discernment of science and mind to guide your actions.

easter island.jpg


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PS: My good friend and science educator JD Stillwater, has a clear and exciting way to illuminate the connection between science and spirituality, I highly recommend going to the link to watch a video of his complete talk. In his talk, JD makes a good point that science and spirituality are not only compatible but mutually enriching.