Self-love and the Shadow

The shadow is coming! The shadow is coming!

Robin Samiljan

Robin Samiljan


Tonight if the skies are clear, practically the whole world will be able to see the earth's shadow cross the full moon. Because an eclipse disrupts cycles of light and dark, and because we can literally see earth's shadow during an eclipse, it makes us pause and examine our own shadows, and ideally release beliefs that limit us.

We Can See the Shadow

This eclipse asks us to get real about our shadows, both collective and individual. What do I  mean by “shadow? Something like: “What we reject we project.” Rejected aspects of ourselves are thrown out and projected onto our exterior world. The way we see other people is colored by our acceptance or rejection of aspects of ourselves. Society has a shadow too, projecting its shadow onto denigrated targets or scapegoats.


Our culture tends to support the belief that wealth and privilege are the result of our good works, but this assumption contains a shadow aspect, that your misfortune must result from moral failing. Thus the less fortunate become scapegoats for the collective shadow. This belief is so old and woven in to culture that we barely see it for what it is, yet this eclipse can wrinkle the straight story and allow us to see the shadow for what it really is. Maybe there is another way to look at poverty and wealth.

Embrace your shadow in order to empower yourself

I am petitioning you to embrace individual empowerment. One method of releasing distress without projecting it out onto others is through meditation. I use the technique of allowing my mind to bring me each complaint, each fear and each request, like a room full of distressed children that finally have my ear. I hug each child, listen to the concern, and then I place the concerns up high on a shelf in the light. I tell the child, “please now go and do your work, we will bring this matter to a higher authority.”

I can’t say that the children always calm down and find some solutions, but this gives them a much better chance than if I projected my anxieties onto actual children, for example. The practice of self-love is about loving and accepting our self including the shortcomings and complaints. Self-love isn't narcissism, which can not accept anything but an idealized view of self. If we take steps to examine and integrate our individual shadow, we will have more strength and power to confront elements of the collective shadow.


Aquarius vs Leo: Individual and the Collective

This full moon is in the sign Leo at 22° with the sun opposite at 22° Aquarius. The axis between Leo and Aquarius represents the axis between the individual and the collective. We are simultaneously individuals and members of a collective. Like ants following a pheromone trail, we take our cues from those that have gone before us; but unlike ants, our trails leave room for choice. We have the freedom to take different paths and pursue different outcomes. In fact, it is our right and responsibility in a government by the people and for the people to exercise our personal power.



The cozy relationship between private wealth and public governance no longer lurks in the shadows; now it struts upon the public stage. We can spot it from way back here, and this is a great moment to make some directional adjustments. Nobody said it would be easy. Since Aquarius and Leo are both fixed signs, they resist and persist. So digging in is a good strategy right now. Fight for yourself because you are worth it. Fight for our communities because they are worth it. March, protest, holler, carry signs, make calls. There is a lot to do, and because it is too much for one person, we get to share this responsibility.


We also have the responsibility to take care of ourselves. Watch out for exhaustion! It is a trick of the shadow. The shadow has us running so fast to meet all of its demands that we forget to care for ourselves. The first part of taking care of the collective is taking care of ourselves. Strength arrives through connection to earth and people. Plug your root chakra back into the magnetic molten core of the earth, and create a stable energetic seat from which you access the power necessary to launch the resistance.


But the resistance needn’t be all somber and sad -- Leo offers creative gifts to combat the dreariness. Play, Dance, Sing. Open up and have some fun with your collective. Aquarius brings the people and Leo provides the fun ... sounds like a party to me!


Keep showing up for your people and yourself. Feel the love, give the love.


I offer personal astrology readings as a powerful tool to reintegrate neglected, denied and otherwise dissed aspects of yourself. Call on me and I will get you feeling empowered and in the full-on sunlight again.