Mars Saturn Cycle - Part 2

The new Mars/Saturn cycle started, August 24th, 2016

Here’s a planetary perspective that can help to clarify your divine mission.

Mars the planet of bravery, war and action, and Saturn the ruler of traditions, limits, and structure  have come together in Sagittarius. These energies are combining to create experiences and opportunities for building containers to carry your own personal faith, freedom and adventure

The first part of this cycle can lend a soul the courage to delve down into frustrating useless patterns left over from life times now long gone. The time is rife to bring your old monsters up to the conscious mind and render them powerless over you. Make sure to check out part one of my blog for some potent imagery to help you gird your loins for this fight for your freedom. You are worth fighting for.

Win The Battle

The start of the Saturn Mars cycle reminds us that our own exquisite yearning has a higher purpose. The season of desire starts again, this time planting in a higher ground. Sagittarius aims high. Although we may be material creatures, remember that the stars are our building blocks.

Saturn is often evoked by an old image of God that has handed down his rules carved in stone. Saturn rules everything that resists our efforts: boundaries, structures, narrow-mindedness, scarcity, tediousness, stone. Saturn is also the time-keeper, meting out the minutes, hours, days, years, the ultimate limits of this incarnation. Saturn rules gravity and hard work; he provides the push back to every struggle, every hard fact, the math in  your bank account. He is the hard choices that one must make.

Although Saturn seems to be a bummer in our charts, ask an astronaut whether a complete lack of gravity is good for an earthly body. Dreams without struggle are just flimsy, fleeting things. Pipe dreams will leave with the smoke that bore them if they cannot be captured in some structure. All these practical concerns conspire to help you create a worthy container for your aspirations.  All of Saturn’s testing and demand for hard work conspires to strengthen our ship, to make a vessel strong enough to withstand the forces of the ocean.

Now enters the energy of the warrior god Mars.  

To Mars, Saturn's boundary looks like a frontier.

Mars bring the impulse, inclination, the hankering, the fight, the bravery and ultimate release from the old fortress. Here we are at the new cycle. Hopefully by now we have cut from our lives useless appendages. If some old guilt-laden material still remains, cutting it away won't be as hard now, as it is putrefying and easy to find. Old blocks can fall away. Life is dynamic. Even stone is worn away in the relentless pounding from the winds of change.

In Christian teachings, Jesus tells us "I do not come in peace but with a sword.”  Sometimes the metaphoric sword is just the instrument to cut away habits and fears that no longer serve our higher purpose. This action of pushing or breaking down our limits is a natural part of a process,  as even a chick tapping at the eggshell is bravely carrying on the cycle of life. Fighting does not equal spiritual success or failure; it is a process of strengthening.

This new two-year Mars-Saturn cycle opens the planting season up again. Your choices are up for revision yet again. Questions to ask yourself :

  • What worked well in the last two years that is likely to make it through the next?

  • What didn't work but might make it in the coming spiral?

  • And what isn't worth your time?

Here is my advice: better to take the loss than to throw good money after bad. You know of course, that choosing not to choose is choosing nonetheless. During the rest of the two year cycle you can carry out the hard choices that you are making now. Choose as best that you can. Remember the Buddha's essential message: if you want to change the world, start with yourself. It’s the only place to start. Even as we push on the external, we exist within the environment.  It is impossible to take yourself out of the equation.

Hints for Choosing Worthy Pursuits

Saturn is uplifted in Sagittarius, taking up noble pursuits that serve to expand our perspective. Society needs our high aim. It needs our divine goals. This cycle will not allow us to shoot anywhere but to the loftiest and most optimistic of goals. Some of us will look back at this time and realize how crazy it was to even consider that we could have broken out. That tiny weak chick tapping on an egg shell was also optimistic beyond all reason.  Today is the time to listen to that most noble of goals that has been tapping on your shell.

The Big Reveal

Saturn conjunct Mars is the sign of the engineer.

Back in the 90's I formed an astrology study group that Steve Rice, founder of Oregon Association of Astrologers (OAA) attended and to which he brought a wealth of knowledge. Steve was the first person that illuminated the significance of my natal Mars conjunct Saturn as that of an engineer.  At the time I was a river guide.  My method of "engineering" was to calculate vectors to use on the current and flow of a river. The metaphor was even more fun since the conjunction is in a water sign. The explanation  stuck in my head, as a very understandable concrete application of this energy.  

Build Your Ship

In this light, Mars-Saturn cycle is a vehicle that carries the meaning of the sign it is in, within the house it is placed.  A vehicle is any structure through which action can happen for the fulfillment of a purpose.  Examples of vehicles: A rocket ship carries exploration devices. A computer program carries information.  A counseling job carries out an intent to heal. A book carries communication.  A marriage carries the structure for a relationship.  A financial plan carries value.  Anything that allows action through the container of rules and structure could be described in terms of Mars (action) and Saturn (structure and rules).  Since the conjunction is in Sagittarius, this is a ship that is carrying foreign concepts, higher ideals, inspiration, expansion, dynamic intelligence. Look to your house placement to understand what sort of ship you are building.

Aiming High  

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter wants to be larger than life. Something that you haven't dared to think possible could actually be your next practical project. How many times in our history have we confronted limits, and gone beyond? Einstein's theory of relativity honestly sounds like a crazy dream to me. However, if we did not now have equations (containers) for this concept of time relative to gravity, the navigation satellites would go off course at a rate of 10 km daily. If it were not for the applied theory of relativity, my GPS wouldn't work on my phone.  In a very real sense, I would be lost more often than not, if not for this “far out” idea. Which leads me to wonder: what are the laws now that are up for revision?

You Contain the Answers!

A planetary perspective can help to clarify your divine mission.

Look at the degrees between 7 and 13 Sagittarius in your birth chart, to find which parts of your life most directly touched by this new energy. Check out the house placement for planets in these same degrees in fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius).  These will be trines, cooperate with your aspirations. The mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini and Virgo) will provide resistance training, serving to strengthen your resolve.

If you have planets at those degrees, you’ll be especially affected by this powerful celestial time, and I invite you to gift yourself with some extra guidance.

As always if you need professional guidance, the stars are my profession.