August 24th, 2016 Mars Saturn Cycle (Part 1 The Destroyer)

Hidden Opportunity In The Mars Saturn Cycle

The new Mars/Saturn cycle starts today, August 24th, 2016.  This is a marvelous practical big energy, and it is starting today in the sign Sagittarius!  The sign of the archer is ruled by Jupiter, the biggest of planets represents our big ideas.  This cycle is giving us an opportunity. There is something big, that you haven't dared to think possible, which could actually be your next practical project!

Backing up a bit, let us start with the particulars of the cycle, and what this means for you.

Mars moves around Earth approximately every two years.  The Mars Saturn cycle starts when faster moving Mars catches up to slower moving Saturn. Today Mars conjuncts Saturn at almost 10 degrees Sagittarius.  A conjunction is an aspect between two or more planets,  they appear to be in the same degree in the chart.  These two worlds lie due north and south of each other in our sky.  Astrology gives meaning to the sky event, in a conjunction the energies of the planets involved are blended. Mars is the energy of action, anger, desire and war. Saturn is the energy of limitation, fear, control and discipline.  

The new cycle starts today.

There is no growth without destruction

Action and desire meet fear, limitation and control.  That doesn't sound like so much fun, Linda!  

Hang in there. When we prepare a field for planting, we first destroy the weeds that have grown.  We desire a new direction, we prepare the ground for planting new ideas, we remove the weeds, or the outgrowths of an untended mind.  Removing weeds is an aggressive act of  destruction, and It is the first opportunity of the Mars cycle.  What are these "weeds" represented by Mars conjunct Saturn energy?  Hiroki Niizto  provides a credible interpretation of the shadow side of these energies.

He calls it the "Father Wound" 

In their shadow form, Saturn suppresses Mars, and Mars wounds Saturn.  As a result, Mars conjunct, square or opposition Saturn could be experienced as negative expressions of masculine principle. In early life, this tends to manifest as father wounds.
What’s a father wound?
As a young child, your father was the model of masculine authority – he was possibly the highest authority in your world.  If your emotional bond with your father was strong and supportive, you were able to grow with confidence in your ability to assert yourself and assume responsibility in the world.
If your father was emotionally absent, excessively angry or irresponsible, you may have grown up with a father wound that resulted in underdeveloped masculinity (regardless of your gender.)  Until you get to the root of the father wound, you may feel a sense of weakness or even futility when trying to assert yourself or to accomplish your goals in the world

 Please read his article here:

The Struggle

One way of understanding Mars energy is through mythological metaphor.  Mars is similar to Hercules, a hero famous for his strength and courage.   Mars like Hercules, represents not just strength and courage but also our desires and drives.  In the myth of Hercules, our hero has labors to perform as atonement for sins committed during a rage of insanity. Mars, also known as the God of war, can also be known for his wild rage. Even though we speak in terms of a male figure, all people, male, female, transgender, gay or lesbian have access to this masculine energy. Mars represents our strength, courage, drive and passion regardless of gender. (see Carl Jung et al).

Look to the labors of Hercules for clues about Mars' heroic journey.  The second of his labors leads the hero into a cave to battle a hydra.  This many headed beast resides in a dark cave. Brave Hercules goes down into the cave and begins slaughtering the beast, or so he thinks.  He begins cutting off the many heads of the hydra. In the myth, every time one head is cut off, 10 more grow in its place.  This monster represents aspects of ourselves that are kept in the subconscious. The cave is the subconscious, it is place where we have hidden fearful events, self loathing, unexpressed rage and desire, our sense of powerlessness as children in the face of an out of control adult.   It is so tempting to want to sweep our less-than-presentable passions under the rug, to keep urges and compulsions under wraps and respectable by suppressing any outward signs of our inner struggles.  However the more we struggle, the greater the power of the monster grows.  Suppressing heads multiplies Hercules tasks, overwhelming him.  Exhausted he must find another solution.  Have you ever struggled mightily with some unwanted side of yourself, only to become overwhelmed by it?  

There is a solution.

 Hercules finds that the only way to beat this beast is to grab hold of its ugly horrible head and shove it up out of the cave, into the light. This is the light of consciousness.   When we grab hold of the head of these wounding events and carry them up through our memory for evaluation, the struggle becomes effective. Effective therapy allows us to go through this process, we rage, we weep, and we shake with our fears. We release.

The choice is ours.  We can confront our fears with bravery, probe the metaphorical dark of our subconscious in an aware manner through therapeutic processes, or we can wait for the the process to find us.  When it finds us unaware we may be boiling over, misdirecting aggression, or turning the knife inward in depression. We might feel helpless, not fulfilling our deepest desires. 

When Mars uses his bravery, a warning should accompany this event, it is often not pretty. Victory often finds us holding a messy looking thing, with blood, tears and snot running down our faces.  We may not look our most polished, but all of a sudden we find that we can firmly hold our ground, stare into the face of a bully, face our fears and pursue our desires.  Our creative juices flow again.  It is through the bravery of the warrior, to savagely fight for ourselves, for what is right and good, that we regain our power. 

We are worth it.

You are worth it.   

For now I will leave you to contemplate your martial energies.  In the next post we will look at the next phase of opportunity of this cycle, building the ship!  Look to your natal chart for house placement for personalized meaning.   As always, remember, if you need  perspective on the your present situation, I do this professionally, it is my gift.  I am well trained and have much experience.  

Please use my favorite meditation chant in the coming weeks. 

Rest in natural great peace this exhausted mind,
Beaten helpless by karma and neurotic thoughts
Like the relentless fury of the pounding waves
In the infinite ocean of samsara.
Rest in natural great peace
by Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche:

Peace my friends,