It Is A Journey- New Moon Sagittarius

New Moon,  November 29th , 2016


I have often hollered at the universe to give me a message that’s simple, direct, and to the point. Well, this week someone must be listening. Boy howdy are things clear!  Our dynamic sky is arranged to guide, to assure, and goad us with just a little bit of terror.

I’m going to highlight the three noteworthy aspects that  all have a similar point to make:

  1. New moon in Sagittarius
  2. Square from Neptune  
  3. Venus-Pluto conjunction

Tuesday morning will be a new moon at 8 degrees Sagittarius.  The Sabian symbol given for the degree of this new moon is: “ Within the depth of the earth new elements are being formed.”

Sabian symbols are symbolic images assigned to each degree in the zodiac.  The originals were produced in 1925 by clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler, and written down by astrologer Marc Edmund Jones.  I am using these more and more as I find the images crystallize, illuminate and anchor meaning in a point of the cycle.   

New Moon regularly gives us a fresh start. It is the moment between completion and initiation; a moment at the bottom of the breath before we breathe in again; a moment to wait; a moment in the dark to listen and rreceive.  The Sabian symbol of this degree reminds us of a longer term process at work in our depths.  In the dark of the new moon, something novel is created from the old materials.  There is a ratcheting effect to this realization. We can neither go back in time nor unmake the new element. We are moving forward in time.

Sagittarius is the explorer crossing into new territory: it loves moving forward.  Sagittarius’ energy looks to the far peaks and sets a goal. An expedition up a Himalayan mountain would just about suffice.  But remember: we can only accomplish such an expedition by adapting the rhythm of life to accommodate the goal.  We would still need to carry a pack of food, set up the tent at night, feed ourselves. In other words, no matter how dramatic the ascent, we have to keep on putting one foot in front of the other.

Parallel to the new moon is Sirius, or the dog star. We have help on the journey! This big bright star resolutely follows at the foot of Orion. It is a dependable star and represents the power of steadfast will and purpose. Do you notice how mundane daily “doggedness” keeps showing up?

The ancient Egyptians associated Sirius with Isis, queen of the underworld. During birth, she is the force that hands us up from below. And just as dependable, she is the one who receives us at our deaths.  This star elevates a natural cycle to the sacred.  She offers a lesson in optimism and consistency amidst the messiness of it all. Life is sacred, yet mundane cycles control every aspect of life: the living, the dying and the cleaning up after it all.

So our first message is: Trust in the deeper work.  Infuse your daily duties with a dogged optimism and the mundane will become sacred again.  

The moon squares Neptune which is in his own sign at 10 degrees Pisces. The Sabian Symbol: “An Aviator pursues his journey, flying through ground-obscuring clouds.”

Neptune’s excruciatingly slow 164-year orbit speaks to a generation's effort towards a dream. We may want to fly, but one person can’t accomplish this alone. Neptune’s movements must be understood in terms of society rather than the individual.  Individually, we are relay runners in the human race.  When it’s our turn to grab the baton and run, we must comply, even if everybody wonders why and what we are doing.  This is why we say Neptune is a transpersonal planet: the work we do through it might not be seen within our lifetimes, or necessarily even make sense from our smaller perspective.  I may have mentioned in earlier posts that Neptune is sitting on my personal planets and lately, I seem to be the channel for the collective unconscious!

Wladyslaw Podkowinski

Wladyslaw Podkowinski

 The work of a nation requires many steps and many skills: sell the idea, get the resources, analyze the issues, and fly the plane. All of these roles are filled by different types of personalities, and require different disciplines. Discipline is action practiced regularly for a purpose.  This is what we are doing we are practicing our disciplines. Your personal role is illuminated through your personal birth chart. Someone of us get motion sick in the back of a car and would much prefer to do the math than fly the plane!

Message number two: When the call comes, take up the baton and carry it forward.  Trust your intuition.

I did promise a little bit of terror, too. Pluto is making a slow, transformative move through the power structures of our social fabric. Keep in mind that it took Pluto more than 8 years to complete the first 15 degrees of Capricorn. This first half of Capricorn is concerned with the struggle for power and authority in the social world.

As Pluto tilts into the second half of Capricorn, Venus zips by for a visit, and in so doing she personalizes the power struggle that Pluto activates. Pluto is now looking to tradition as a way of stabilizing power. Some traditions carry us forward in meaningful ways, while other traditions are old and useless. Venus in Capricorn likes things that are practical and down-to-earth, but the unrefined slag she sees bubbling up from Pluto’s flirtation with the bad old ways repulses her. Venus is offended if not out and out terrified by Pluto’s dark machinations, but she can be the figure who sorts through the muck to find what is worth preserving from the past and what should be jettisoned to create a more just and healthy future.

The Sabian symbol at 16 degrees is: “School grounds filled with boys and girls in gymnasium suits.” Here again, a grounding symbol reminds us that our daily rhythm strengthens and assists in the maturing process: growing children need exercise. The message is so clear it smacks us a third time.  This is a long haul: it’s bigger than you, so attend to the processes of life, get some exercise and walk the dog.

Postscript Bonus:  a fourth message!  Venus moves into square with Uranus at 21 degrees Capricorn exactly on new moon day.  This Sabian symbol is a relay race. Your time to run will come.  In the meantime, get your gym shorts on and get to practicing.

You can’t make that stuff up.

If you need help figuring where you are in the cycle, and what kind of contribution you are here to make.  Give you local astrologer a call and schedule a regular reading and update.