What it takes to be a nasty woman.

Hillary Clinton 10/26/1947 8:02 AM Chicago, IL  (time uncertain)

Hillary Clinton 10/26/1947 8:02 AM Chicago, IL  (time uncertain)

Hillary Clinton is sensitive, smart and cunning. She is willing to use the dark and nasty of the relentless feminine on our national stage. In the debates I've watched grandma Hillary execute such a well orchestrated trap that she's been given the name of Nasty by her opponent.  That name quickly re-appropriated by her followers, is not an inaccurate description of certain tactics.

Let’s look at the situation through the Starbird lens to see what the astrological energies tell us about Hillary Rodham Clinton, born in 1947 and an actor on the political stage since Wellesley College in 1969.

Clinton's natal chart indicates a Pisces moon, a feminine sign associated with Neptune and its concomitant oceanic, feminine energy. Traditionally, feminine energy is figured like an ocean, its strength lies in its relentless, overwhelming nature. Natives of this aspect might experience feeling overwhelmed by emotional atmosphere. Like a fish picking up every slight wave tickling her fins, or a moth's antennae trembling to every fine vibration, the sensitivity of a Pisces moon is acute. Normally, those with this level of feeling find their distress and motivation in sympathy with subjugated or oppressed people. Pisces can and will sacrifice for others. I would posit that Clinton’s fight for women's concerns and for children come more from a place of felt empathy than from political expediency.

So why hasn’t she crumpled under the relentless onslaught of not just this campaign but a long and rocky political career? She’s certainly been through it all. This level of sensitivity can not be easy to bear in a game that requires the hide of a rhinoceros. The weight of evolving social responsibility is not new to her.  This isn’t even her first presidential run, and certainly not her first set of scandals. Whether or not you agree with her positions, Hillary is tough and has staying power.

Hillary’s Sun, Venus and Mercury are in Scorpio, also a feminine sign. Mars the warrior is the traditional ruler of Aries and Scorpio. Unlike his Aries’ direct and naive persona, the Scorpio soldier requires different tactics. Scorpio is a nocturnal sign and charging rashly forward in the dark is not wise; you might fall off a cliff or run into a wall.  Better to lie in wait, says Scorpio. Scorpio's form of assault is passive. It sets a trap like a spider building a web, or a witch casting a spell. Scorpio naturally uses strategic thinking and the element of surprise. Don't be so foolish to think you have pulled one over on a Scorpio. She'll give you just enough rope to hang yourself and then kick the chair out from under you. Being nice is nice, Scorpio thinks, but it limits your repertoire.

So, from her perspective, when the competition calls her nasty, she knows she's winning. Nasty ain’t nothin’ but the not-so-ladylike incarnation of the feminine. As many of us can attest, after a certain age it’s easier to declare freedom from the tyranny of “ladyship” and occupy the whole gamut of power.  Yes: a bitch, a witch, or just a nasty woman.  

I’d like to remind you that this dynamic is feminine but not necessarily female, a man can use Scorpio’s tactics as readily as a woman can.  I wonder though, if he would be called nasty? maybe he would, but we might likely chuckle instead of gasp.  Hillary Clinton can also access the masculine line up in her chart.  

Thus enters an extremely powerful stellium of Pluto, Mars and Saturn in masculine Leo.  Leo’s default description is “leadership”, Pluto’s is power, Mars gives a fiery drive and Saturn is the authority: Fiery and powerful drive for leadership and authority.  This coordinated trio works together in an outright powerful and straight-forward coup willing to take on the competition, impose their will and lead the charge.  She has not just a backbone of steel, but something from a mythical metallurgist’s forge. This woman will not ever quit. Even her political opponent concedes, She doesn’t give up. I respect that.” Now there’s one statement we don’t need to fact-check!

Mars and Saturn together describe analytic powers used to create structures for action.  A bill could be such a structure.  She can get things done, she isn't just talking, she is moving with purpose and action.  That said, the government itself is titanic, more than just one person can represent, but I don't doubt that she is an able captain at the helm.

Hillary stands before us, at her peak of power.  She has been lying in wait for a long time now.  The undeniable power, poise and fire in her eyes are housed in Hillary the  grandma.  All her wisdom, all her feminine energy are now released beyond personal trifling. Grandma's perspective is broader and more nuanced, a little less personal as she faces the final third of her own life. Here is the grandma that gathers to herself not just her own, but is able to maneuver to advocate for your children. Her fate is linked to the nation, and she accepts sacrifice on the behalf of others.