Full Moon In Aries, October 15, 2016


As an astrologer, I study the cycles, I look for the signs, what is it time to do now?  

In the case of a chick in an egg, the chick must break the safe container as part of the natural process of life.  To break open too soon is sure death, to not peck out at the right moment is also sure death.

Right now the line up in the sky is as follows:

  • Uranus is conjunct the full moon on Friday night.
  • Pluto and Mars are conjunct each other and square the moon sun opposition.
  • Jupiter, Mercury are holding counsel with the sun in Libra.

Collectively and maybe even individually we have had enough. We are angry, tired of social expectations and all out of patience. Uranus is shocking.  Complete an electrical current and prepare to howl!

I don't know about you, but when I get jolted by the cattle fence, I 'm not polite and rational. I shriek loudly, turn the ears of the nice church lady red, curse my boss, throw mallets, drop whatever I am carrying. My heart is beating, I'm irrational and revved up.  Uranus brings some of this type of jolt to the oppositional forces coming into play.

A full moon in leap-before-you -think Aries and the sun in civil Libra, represents a  tug-of-war.  This is a negotiation between individual passions and social regulation. To add some heft to the opposing sides, Jupiter and mercury add to the righteous, while Uranus and the Moon make for some crazy over the top emotional release.

Now is the time of rebels and shocks, social outrage and expanding boundaries.

But wait! that's not all.  Mars conjunct Pluto throw poo from the sidelines. These two represent our primordial (or maybe just primate) nature on a holy terror. And if this in itself were not enough, Mars is out-of-bounds. Last time Mars was out of bounds was 2001. Aggression arrived on domestic flights taken over by radical pilots. The present political situation reminds us of vulnerabilities revealed through subversion . No place is too dark or too low. We dig holes and cheer from the sidelines. Our gladiators of the political scene fight out our own frustrations, mascots for our externalized rage.

The darkness is our own shadow, even if we blame it all on someone else. The brick we throw is through the window of our own church. We want destruction. Are we breaking out of our own dichotomies?

My advice for this period:

Growth is a brave act. Cut yourself some slack for hollering and acting out. Become very curious about these feelings that are arising, be curious about what causes the fear. Take a deep breath. You may know where you need to expand and express yourself, if you need help call me and we can look at how this is personally affecting you.

Choice results from knowing what energies are available and how to wield them wisely. Use this configuration to break out of your shell, but be careful not to destroy want you want to keep.

This is the art of astrology.

Image by Mona Shiber, please visit her gallery at:  http://clearvisionstudio.com/lotuses.html.