Once I have your birth date, time and place and a deposit, I can begin working on the symbols in your chart.  I like to  fully integrate the elements of your chart,  allow time to percolate into the collective unconscious, find you, and be fully present for a meeting with you.  A week is usually enough to schedule time for you and do the preliminary work, three days is possible, the next day ... hmm requires extra effort and focus.   

My intention is to reach deeply within your psyche and bring forth pertinent information.  Sometimes this can be surrounded with a lot of feeling.   Expressing feelings is a path to healing, allow feelings to come up during a session,  and allow the message from your own self to reach you. My way is gentle, kind and as direct as  possible.  The world of metaphor comes easily to me, that is how my subconscious-to-conscious translator works, but if you do not understand something ask questions and push for understanding.