It is my great privilege to share with you your story.  I respect you by providing confidential, non-judgmental, affirming attention as we explore the chart symbols together.  We will look at some themes that may be operating from the subconscious.  By choosing to uncover our patterns and bring them into the light of truth,  we find valuable gems of truth. 

Your birth time, date and place are necessary for an accurate reading of your unique chart.

General Consultation


Allow an hour and a half




I start with the Natal Chart as a foundation to understanding your personal essence. I sit in meditation and ask for access to forces that will support and guide you. Then we look at the how the transits are providing opportunity and challenge in the present moment.  The chart yields a tremendous amount of information.  In the first part of the reading, I will convey the foundational information I have derived from studying your personal chart and transits.  The second part of the reading we discuss the places in your life most in need of perspective.

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I will need your:

  1. Birth date
  2. Birth place
  3. Birth time

Check In


30 minutes


If you are well in touch with your natal chart and would like a quicker check-in I can look at the transit times of your choice.  We can talk about a specific decision that needs more insight.