About Linda

The path to understanding myself from the perspective of the mysterious.

Did this study of Astrology start with my Aquarius sun, notorious for counter-culture and specifically astrology?  Or was it my Scorpio moon, obsessed with finding what lies beneath the superficial cover?  Maybe it is Chiron in Pisces on the ascendant: the sign of the healer. 

Many years ago, I felt like I wanted to farm and tour far away places, so I went to New Zealand and started working through the WWOOF program. There I was introduced to biodynamics at Aeona farms, my first gig. 

Biodynamic agriculture is a form of alternative agriculture very similar to organic farming, but which includes esoteric concepts drawn from the ideas of Rudolf Steiner.  At the farm we incorporated the sky in our plantings, cultivating and harvesting.  We used powders and formulas energized with the elemental energy of air, water, earth and fire. These magical formulas are sprinkled on fields when the cosmic forces support the action desired. The process certainly instilled in me a desire to learn and know more about working with the natural cycles.  Humans are a part of nature, but we have this unique choice: we can choose to work with or against the natural cycle.  Astrology is a way to know your own nature and direct your life with the natural forces rather than against them.

"When the student is ready, the teachers will appear."

Studying the sky for the farm lead to studying astrology.  I realized that I could use this ancient wisdom to understanding different personality types.  Astrology opened my heart and mind to people on different paths from me. I started to understand how different motives and essences are facets of a multidimensional fractal universe. The warp and weft of the cosmos is woven into all of us.

In 1996 I had the great fortune and pleasure of studying Astrology with a small tightly knit group of women. For three years we studied texts and attended lectures at the Oregon Association of Astrologers.  The group used astrology intensively as a positive and practical tool for mutual support.

Years and hundreds of charts later, I am still excited and amazed by the wisdom inherent in the chart; it is a gift from the ancients.  I remain fascinated that the lived stories align with the stories the symbols described. 

 I offer to you my insight and my experience to the metaphor and magic in your life,