It's ok to have hope

It is ok to have hope. This week’s theme is expanding possibilities.
Jupiter is in the heart of sun today and tomorrow. Mercury will join the meeting at Sun's center tomorrow, Nov 27th. He will be quietly taking notes at this momentous meeting since he is still retrograde and thus still checking off items on that old to-do list.

Jupiter is so big and so inspiring that you may either feel like jumping on it now, now, now! or so overwhelmed and disbelieving that you end up hiding and missing the opportunity. I recommend a balance between those two urges. It is like winning the lottery, make no changes now, but start inwardly metamorphosing in order to handle a future of expanded possibilities.

Give yourself some time and space to consider the magnitude of what is being presented.
If you have a significant planet at 4 or 5 degrees Sagittarius, Leo or Aries, you yourself might want to take some notes for later considerations.

Remember all discouragement is old, let the past go and have a new day! It is OK to be OK. Share your hope, make some goals, have a little faith, share that faith, your neighbor will add to it. Before you know it, you'll have a positive movement.

Emancipate Your Passion

Commune with your art and emancipate your passionate urges.

Five planets cluster in a section of sky associated with Sagittarius. Like fiery magnets marking time on our calendar, an event queues up for our attention.

What is the nature of this event and what can we gather now?  To put it simply: this Sagittarius new moon has seeded the wild horses of the cosmos into the gardens of our personal experience. Like migrating animals passing through, they stop to graze in the fields and meadows, and our planted gardens.



How have we readied ourselves for a wild herd's arrival? Do we have tempting forages to bring them close and experience their passing? Are the fences sturdy where they shall not tread?

This herd carries the energy of mythological centaurs, noted for their sexual desire, wild and frenzied passion, they are instinctual. They bring enthusiasm and gusto. Is it a drunken brawl? Or is it reclaimed passion?

The center of our galaxy resides in the late degrees of Sagittarius, this is where we commune with God*.  Saturn entered Sagittarius three years ago, he is now at the final degree.  Like an employee at the end of a project, Saturn sits in his final evaluation. Saturn’s job is to keep us on task, structured and disciplined, here at the galactic center, he is faced with nothing less than bringing heaven to earth and testing the philosophical underpinnings of that plan. No small task. How has he done?  Structures that are so old and rickety that they can no longer bear the weight of a dynamic world do not pass this test. Old world testaments about the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence may have crumbled uselessly. Have your own long-held beliefs not survived this testing period? After the horses have trampled your garden, you may find yourself in a stunned internal silence.

Take heart! Now that we clearly recognize the horseshit of these old beliefs, we can use this fertile manure for new and vital growth. Horses represent our life force, contact it through ecstasy and passion. Your heart can lead the way.

In our sky, a persistent square from Chiron in Pisces has created internal friction and angst. The higher we reach, the more our doubts, grief, and old pain froth to the surface. How can moments of rapture bring tears? How is the “passion of Christ” also suffering and death? We are mortal and failed and injured, small and helpless but we are also eternal. Chiron is the wounded healer, in Pisces, he is the Christ: “through my wounds, you are healed.”  When we remember our own eternal nature, we become whole; we heal ourselves and we heal others by accepting failures of the past as what they are: nothing compared to eternity.

Do you remember the play Equus by Peter Shaffer,  1970's?  It has a psychiatrist character who attempts to understand a troubled boy who has blinded a barn of horses. To the boy, the horses are to be worshiped as incarnate gods. But when the boy's sexual urges play out with a girl in the barn, his self-damning socialized self can not resolve the apparent conflict. The conflict, of course is internal, because c'mon a horse is not offended by urges of the flesh.  The boy, however can not resolve the supposed inferiority of his passion with the superiority of the horse deity, and thus externalizes conflict through the violence of blinding them. 

As the psychiatrist combs out an understanding of the situation, he starts to come to grips with his own jealousy of the boy’s passion. In the following quote the repressiveness of society is essentially on trial as the psychiatrist sits in his library lamenting:

“I sit looking at pages of centaurs trampling the soil of Argos - and outside my window, he is trying to become one, in a Hampshire field! ... I watch that woman knitting, night after night - a woman I haven't kissed in six years - and he stands in the dark for an hour, sucking the sweat of his God's hairy cheek! Then in the morning, I put away my books on the cultural shelf, close up the Kodachrome snaps of Mount Olympus, touch my reproduction statue of Dionysus for luck - and go off to the hospital to treat him for insanity. Do you see?”

Peter Shaffer, Equus

Social structures have their purpose and utility, but do not allow an oppression of your instincts and passions.  Your heart can lead you,  reach out and don’t pull back!  A long road lies behind you and great tasks lie ahead. Arrogance and inferiority are mere complexes, drop them and focus on your work. You have a task. Relax and concentrate.

*    The word “God” creates a problem of defining an infinite set. "The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao". Old Testament “forbids” speaking the name YHWH. Logic forbids counting the infinite set.

Robert Dutesco

Robert Dutesco

Hope from Hope

Hope Horton 12.20.2016

Dear friends,

A cold rain is falling today.  Yesterday, temperatures surged into the 70s.  The day before that, I scraped ice off the windshield on my way to the farmer’s market.  These spiking changes in weather but mirror my emotional state.  Hot flashes of anger and rage alternate with chilling fear and sodden grief as I react to a devastating change in political climate that promises to unravel hard-won webs of justice and protection across the land and beyond.  

I have been seeking for weeks to write my usual Winter Solstice seasonal essay in the midst of such upheaval, diligently writing every day and reading articles by wise people.  But there is no “usual” this year.  I have not yet found my footing on such shifting ground and I’m still groping for a way forward, still slogging through the shock and fear and grief that squeezes my body and dulls my brain.  

Hence, no polished essay is forthcoming today.  I do not yet know what to think, much less what to do, to safeguard all that I love and value.  But I can share with you a few themes that have emerged out of this time of troubles. 

The first is to feel the feelings whenever they arise.  In my case, it’s mostly grief right now.  As author Junot Diaz says in his November 21st New Yorker essay on the aftermath, we need to bear witness to what we have lost; our safety, our sense of belonging, our vision of our country.  We need to mourn all these injuries fully so that they do not drag us into despair, so that repair will be possible.  Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects offers powerful practices for feeling our pain for the world, and in drinking deeply from her well of wisdom I have had glimpses of the medicine that is brewing in the heart of grief.  It sometimes feels remarkably like love.

Believing in the power of love is my next charge.  Not the limp-wristed kind that makes nice, but the force that fuels creation itself, the stuff that wholeness is made of.  Charles Eisenstein in his essay on Standing Rock says: when we choose love in the face of enormous temptation to hate, we are issuing a powerful prayer for a world of love. When we refuse to dehumanize in the face of atrocity, we issue a prayer for universal dignity.  I want to start sourcing from this love more often than anger and fear—maybe most of the time—and that’s going to take a lot of awareness, courage, and practice.

At last, I’m being drawn into the embrace of the embodied Sacred Feminine once again.  I don’t know what this means and I’m not ready to talk about it.  Though the intuition is strong, I’m still in the dark and can merely say, “stay tuned.” 

Finally, I’m reminded that the Winter Solstice brings us to the farthest reaches of darkness and then hovers there for some time before turning towards the light.  Like the dark of the moon, this pause between waning and waxing seems to be built in to natural cycles.  Winter itself is a season of stillness, dormancy, and hibernation, the life force retreating within and below, holding its breath in the space between death and life, spinning the invisible threads that weave Spring’s emergent patterns and shapes in ways that we may attempt to influence yet cannot predict or control.

Something deeper, more grounded, more powerful is being called for from all of us to weather these extreme times and turn the tides.  I need this space of stillness, of silence, of deep introspection to begin to discern what life is asking for from me and, maybe, to discover what the heck I’m supposed to write about next.  

Whatever your experience is in these times, we take this journey together.  I’m so grateful for your presence and companionship in my life and welcome any input or comments you feel moved to offer to help support what wants to happen in these times of danger and opportunity.  

With love and gratitude, Hope  

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How to Win a Staring Contest with Medusa

This Super Moon Has Something To Offer Us!

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Autumnal Equinox September 22, 2016

Autumnal Equinox September 22, 2016

It’s barely mid-September and the leaves are turning orange, yellow, and brown.  They are shriveling, shrinking, expiring as the dry, scorching conditions of past weeks strain the trees’ systems of sustenance.  Sitting at an outdoor café, I witness a windfall of leathery leaves as though nature is having a fire sale, sloughing off stock, tossing away stacks of sharp, dry pine needles, and letting go of sun-faded foliage in bulk amounts.

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Mars Saturn Cycle - Part 2

Here’s a planetary perspective that can help to clarify your divine mission.

Mars the planet of bravery, war and action, and Saturn the ruler of traditions, limits, and structure  have come together in Sagittarius. These energies are combining to create experiences and opportunities for building containers to carry your own personal faith, freedom and adventure

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